Why would a guy lie about having kids? Or fail to mention how many he has?

Thanks for the replies, but surely he must be aware of the repercussions? How can I trust him if he's lied about something as big as this?


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  • Chicks drop you faster than a hot potato if you have a kid. I've given up dating. It seems women assume that your looking for a replacement mom. In my case I'm not looking for that. My kid has a mom, and I'm a great dad. We share time 50/50. I expect nothing other than just be a friend to my kid. She dosen't need a mom and I will be doing the parenting and raising her. So you get a great guy who dosen't play games, is responsible and has a bonus of a great kid to have fun with. But women assume too much and I'm not even given a chance. So it's just me and my daughter against the world. Women don't want something great- fuck 'em.

    • Really? I thought women were more open to the idea when they got into their thirties. I feel like sometimes (where I live anyway) women are worried that the man isn't a good dad and he'll end up leaving her in the lurk if she gets pregnant.

      I have pretty much always said i wouldn't date a man with kids until it was unavoidable. However when this man came into my life and said he had a daughter I thought it through and decided to give it a go. It has now been brought to my attention that he is has more than one child. I would have been okay about it if he was open and honest when I outright asked him. Now I have 100 reasons why he decide to lie to me running through my head.

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  • He is either Married or even if Divorced, a Single dad, he may Not want to Explain his Baggage problem at this time and Ruin his Chance for a little Romance.
    Good luck. xx

    • But then he will be potentially ruining things if I was to find out later down the line? he told me he has. Daughter already, he has failed to mention the fact he has more children.

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    • He still hadn't fussed up

    • Hmmm, well, any case with his face, he is Not a Ready eddy to man up just yet. xx

  • Afraid hed scare you away...

    • The thing is he's told me he has a daughter already. He doesn't know that I know he has more than one child. It seems silly to hide it.