As a short guy, what do I need to be just as attractive as a tall guy?

What qualities would I need, besides the obvious that is a kind personality, humor etc, to be able to compete with taller guys?

Would big muscles help? Playing a musical instrument? Being able to cook?

Is there anything I can do so that if a girl would have the choice between me (5'9) and another guy thats 6'2+, she would choose me?

(I am not taking into account factors like personality or chemistry, because obviously the girl is more likely to choose the guy she has chemistry and mutual interest with. Im talking very general).


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  • 5'9" isn't that short honestly.

    Different girls are attracted to different looks. Some like the big muscle look, others don't. I personally like a lean, athletic figure, but huge muscles and a six pac aren't necessary or preferred.

    Knowing how to play an instrument is attractive, yeah, but so is just generally having interesting hobbies (e. g. hiking, biking, running, reading, writing, drawing, or a sport). Be passionate about something.

    Get a nice clothing style. Have nice hair. Whiten teeth. Have confidence. Be doing something with your life.

    • You say 5'9 isn't that short, but would you in any circumstances choose a 5'9 guy over a 6'3 guy, assuming you think both of them are great?

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    • I wasn't even asked to prom in hs hah. If you asked me and I liked you enough to say yes, I wouldn't cancel on you.

    • Well great then, I stand corrected. Height doesn't matter to woman, its all in my head. I will never at any point get rejected by a girl because I am not tall enough, if I get rejected it would be for some other reason.

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  • pull up in a lambo

    seriously though, just be yourself and if you're an awesome guy then a not so shallow girl will notice you for that and be attracted to you


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  • Be confident and not so hung up on your height...

    • If girls didn't have height requirements, then trust me, I wouldn't care less about my height. Its girls that put this kind of pressure on guys to be a certain height, its not an irrational insecurity that pops out of nowhere.

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  • You're not even short...

  • Be a jerk, trust me it works. Women like tall guys because it gives them a sense of a guy being powerful. If you start treating women like crap and make them feel small then it makes you feel tall my friend.