I like someone but I have a boyfriend and they like my best friend?

I have always been friends with the other boy since 2014, so 2 years. We have been on and off 'talking' for most of that time, and really got close. Then recently in the last couple of months I have been seeing this other boy, who goes to my school. I do like him, even potentially love him. But the other week I was sleeping at my bestfriend's house (just wanted to say we were drinking) and I was snapchatting him, and she asked who he was, so I told her and at this point I kind of had feelings for him, so I told her. He then asked for her snapchat and they were talking as friends. I told her not to talk in any other way because I do kinda like him even though I was in a relationship. But it wasn't healthy, he was saying I was a cheat and things like that and it wasn't good for my head at the time.
The next day I was talking to the other boy and he said he kinda liked my best friend. I don't know what to do because I really liked, and still like this other boy. Can someone tell me if I am in the wrong or who? because I think both my best friend and the other boy are kinda shitty for doing this to me, bearing in mind he knew I liked him and he said he liked me the day before as well. He was wanting me to go round to his and have sex, which I said no by the way.
Can someone help me sort my head out though because it's been like a week and I still can't stop thinking about it because I really do like this other boy.
Should I finish my boyfriend or forget about boy?

I want to add that I never told the other boy about my boyfriend. Which was stupid, I understand.


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  • You're in the wrong. Having a crush is one thing, but why are you around like his little lap dog when you have a bf?

    I fail to see how she'd be in the wrong, seeing as they're just talking.

    Let's see:
    -you have a boyfriend
    -he obviously doesn't respect you or relationships since he not only asked for sex, but called you a cheater.
    -he likes your best friend.

    If that isn't enough to convince you to forget about that boy, I don't know what will

  • He knew you liked him, and he knew you had a boyfriend so must've assumed you were a slut so then asked for sex.
    When you said no he moved on to your friend and now likes her. I say just forget about it.

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