Need help distinguishing the line between playing hard-to-get and resentment?

So me and this girl were talking for a little less than a month, and things were going great! Or so I thought. We were making out one night and she stops and hits me with the "let's be friends first". I've always thought that meant a woman isn't all that sure that she's interested, if at all, so I calmly and politely told her that I wasn't going to wait for her to make up her mind. Two weeks go by, and I politely ignore her the whole time. Then I have an epiphany. What if she just wanted to get to know me better? Well let me ask what she meant. She said she WAS interested but just wanted to get to know me better, but after the way I ignored her and how "things got weird between us" she thinks that we should just be friends. I smell BS. She gets mad when I suggest that I might still make a move on her, like, really mad. Well, fine. Friends it is. I told her maybe she'll change her mind down the road. So you'd think that we can hang out after all this. Asked her to watch a movie, she said no, because she doesn't want any more miscommunication between us. I say, hey, we're not talking anymore, I get it, no miscommunication there. She said she doesn't want there to be any NEW miscommunications. I ask her if she's talking about someone getting feelings again, and she doesn't specify, but just says that she doesn't want to go through what we went through again. I do like this girl but if she's not just flat out uninterested, then she's being very challenging. Some days she'll seem very warm and flirty, and the other days she'll act like a total ice queen. What do you guys think?


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  • I think whatever it is, its not going to happen lol. Might be she just wants the attention.

    • I thought that too but she tore down some of my decorations in our office and tried to hide the fact that it was her.

    • Mmmm... that can still just be attention seeking though. I don't want to be too presumptuous because I obviously don't have the ability to actually observe the situation. It seems like you view that as though she has feelings so she's angry at you that you messed it up so she doesn't want to trust you, its possible, but she can also be angry at you that you stopped trying as hard to get her.

      Bluntly, the ball is already in her court right now, if she really wants to try something with you she has to get over herself or she just doesn't want anything to happen.

  • I think she was put off by you ignoring her.

    • Like permanently?

    • I think she was interested but wanted to get to know you better. Then you ignored her? I think that put her off and made her think you were playing games and I think she's playing now too.

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