At what age will girls appreciate me being more reserved than outgoing?

I'll be friendly to everyone but my true personality is only shown around my HS friends and people I really trust. All of my GF's throughout college ( im about to graduate) have been dimes but what bothered me was their tendency to be so into partying because they were soriority girls and they made the first move and very social and as a result I pretended to be social and loud. It worked and I made good connections and got a little action from it lol. Now I'm just ready to escape this scene and meet a girl who finds a glass of wine and a dinner a night out and appreciates my reserved side rather than my fake extrovert side undisplayed all through college.


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  • If we had to say an age range, I'd say around 30 years old and up. Why? I don't know, I think people start to settle down at that point.

    But, there is no age where maturity "magically" happens, nor does age specifically dictate whether or not they are outgoing. My mom is 45, and she loves to go out and party every weekend, while I, at 19 years old, preferred to stay at home. And when I'm on a date, I like private dates or ones where we just chill, no booze, drugs or partying necessary.

    You just need to find a girl who likes what you like and has the same morals and values. And yes, they're out there.

    • I don't minds a good stuff drink it help clear my mind and just relax but I never will do drugs.

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    • Lol, you sound like my dad and he's 49, so yeah you do think like a 50 year old, lmao.

      But that's not a bad thing. I appreciate those guys who like to feel in the real world; those who actually think, rather than try to live in some kind of American Pie frat-movie fantasy.

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  • Fuck the girls who are into party - but never make them your girlfriend or wife,
    Marru and monogamous relationship and girlfriend material are women who are reserved and who like to stay at home rather than partying.
    Thats what i learbed from all my dating life..

    • I've had some good night's leaving frat parties with random chicks lol but I don't want that crap anymore I want a real relationship I'll be in the real word in 4 months so adjusted.

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