Will a Spanish guy have a chance with a scene girl?

I'm currently working at a supermarket now bagging and other labor duties. the other I was assign to water the flowers at the florist department and the clerk there was pretty cool with me, ever since then she no tends to check me out a lot and whenever I catch her she kinda blushes and looks away like she's trying to hide it. the next time I get assign to do this chore again I was thinking of asking her out on a date but at the same time I feel a little insecure. I mean I think she is a scene as she does look somewhat like this...will a Spanish guy have a chance with a scene girl?

either way I seriously dont see so how these type of women would let a Spanish guy who grew up in the worst place of the state enter their lives. and if they do I think it'll be either in a brief or in a chaotic type of life scene.

but oh well will I have a chance? is it worth taking it?


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  • Scene kids are just people who dress a certain way and wear way too much eyeliner. That has nothing to do with who they date.

    And if it did is she really the type of person you want to date anyway?

    • I just want to make sure, I mean I really hope not all of them think like @DianeDuffus. not that I'm judging her or anything.

      but yea she is really attractive and looks like a real cool outgoing person, so why not?

    • Honey, sometimes you have to look at people on the internet and be like "Really?" because people lie. A lot. Especially on GaG.

      Well, you shouldn't really date coworkers but other than that why not XD

    • oh well from what I see scene are basically modern day hippies

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  • Yeah its possible lol


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  • Not with me you don't

    • and what would your excuse be? hopefully is not a racist one though at the same time I really doubt all scene people think alike

    • It's racist and it is from growing up in Miami

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  • I like you. I'm Mexican 19 years old.