Is it fine I give up on dating?

I actually gave up dating. Yes I might be young and acknowledge that. But I have had bad moments in dating. I for one has never had a girlfriend, and in total of 7th grade to college I got rejected a total of 80 times. My kind caring heart can only do so much. Now it's just dust. I actually feel my emotions becoming desensitized because of it. Like there chipping away little by little. I don't wanna take risk anymore if this happens to my heart. If mess with me physically, like a good example my heart beats have decrease a lot when I do so and I feel my heart beating slowly. I notice I get more lonely and irritated. I found out you can't date a clone of you only to found out least likely people with little in common make better partners yet I hear of finding someone compatible with. Right now I wanna give up. Heck I even get irritated at girls that are into me ( I'm not mean) I just tell them dating is not for me, go for someone else who'll throw there heart out unless his not your type. I will make female friends on purpose, and get rid of my sexual desires while not looking at a girls parts. Me telling girls I want be friends is a good thing because I will have so many. Sorry for being so direct, I just gonna give up. Not for awhile but forever. It's takes to much.

Please help


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  • (smiling) Dating = Constant hits and misses which can be draining.
    Know also that you don't need anyone's permission.

    Peace and luck xo


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  • It's fine. It's your right to do so.


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