Will I ever find a girlfriend with my lifestyle?

So basically I'm an engineer and work Monday to Friday 9-5. Everyone at my work is male. After work I go to the gym 3 times the weeks and have football (soccer) training twice. At the weekend I normally my friend come to my house and chill. So 6 days of the week I never have any contact with any girls. I play football matches on Saturdays. And Sunday's is my family day. The only real time I can see girls is Saturday night but when ever I go out they are never interested with me. I'm not very confident as I neve speak to girls and I find it hard to talk to them. I think I'm an attractive guy, a bit over average but I have a really good body from all the exicise I do. When I go to bars and clubs I can never hook up with a girl. Will I ever find a girlfriend like this?


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  • I wonder about the exact same thing.

    • Thank you for mho

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  • This is why online dating exists. It's for people who DO NOT HAVE THE TIME to walk around looking.

    • I'm only 19. Does that seem desperate and werid though. I would be up for it but I'm kinda scared about it

    • If you're in a western country you shouldn't have a problem. Asian countries on the other hand or notorious for being horrible for online dating.

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  • Girls are everywhere.
    You're job has an HR, right?
    Usually women work those jobs
    Sports activities have females who watch at times
    You go out on Saturday night. That's good.

    • That's what I'm saying there not in my life. There's no girls in HR. And only people's mums watch me play. The other supporters are all guys. And yes when I go out I try but I can't really do it in a bar or club environment

    • Then you will have to find a new activity that's fun for you and has girls in them.
      Try a dance class, or knitting or pottery barn, etc.

  • Possibly

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