How to ask a coworker about another coworker? (Boy about a girl)?

I was pursuing a girl, and it didn't go so well at work.

In my pursuit, I found out she said she used to be friends with another male coworker but not anymore.

I feel like I would get some closure if I find out why they are not friends anymore.

I am not close to the male coworker, but we say Hi everyday.

We all work in different departments.

I don't care if she finds out I asked or ruins my chance.

I really just don't know what/how to ask the male coworker about the girl?

"Hi"... "Hi, what do you know about girl?"

That doesn't seem smooth...


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  • In my opinion, if you want the smoothest way, i think you need one time to hang out with him (no matter how you make it happen), maybe having some beer with other male coworkers.. and then try to talk about general topic and then work, so you can slowly start asking.."btw do know about the girl..", and you go with the flow..


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  • Just ask

  • I don't recommend..

    • Why not?

    • If you trust that Coworker boy very much it's okay but if not.. just don't

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