Has she lost interest?

This is a little long. But I'd really love your guys help thanks!!:)) I've known this girl since elementary school. We are both freshman attending different colleges. But I just finished school and she finishes in the next two weeks and we will both be home for summer. Our whole lives we have been great friends. Never really dating but towards the end of our senior of highschool and summer before college. She got a lot closer to me dropping hints she wanted to always be doing something with me, or talking to me. So we talked all day everyday and saw each other when we could for a period of like 6 months. Then when she went off to school naturally things slowed down a bit. She started not initiating conversation as much and we both never really had time to drive 2 hours to see each other. Very minimal visits to each other. But I've made sure to stay in contact and be nice and a good man to her still whenever she needs me. So with her coming back soon I've started talking to her a lot more. Somewhat flirting and dropping hints that when she gets back I'm not playing games and I want to see her and see where things go. And I get all the "I'm so glad to know such an amazing guy like you" all the kinda friend zone stuff but she's just being nice as well. And recently when I've said we need to make plans when she's back. She doesn't necessarily blow me off. But doesn't conform anything either. Last night we were snapchatting and she fell asleep at like 1am. So I told her to basically goodnight beautiful, give those blue eyes a rest. And I don't toss that word around lightly. And she just opened it this morning and didn't acknowledge me saying that... Is that a bad thing. My birthday is soon and she always is the first one to text me right at 12am. So after her not responding to that I might just not initiate contact for a while. What do u think? Any advice helps. Thanks.


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  • She might have been interested in you, but when she got to school and you didn't make a move, she got her own life and lost interest which explains the low attention you received.
    She could be busy with school but let's face it no matter how busy you are you'll make time for those you love right? there's a thing called priority.
    Another scenario is that she could be looking for ways to catch your attention even more so you can make further moves because she wants you to.
    What I recommend you do is you should meet up with her plan for it and tell her how you feel.

  • bro you gotta go for it.

    its now or never, she wants you man. its not polite to keep a lady waiting.