How come the guy I dated for 4 months never contacted me?

so i met this guy from online dating and we dated for 4 months..2 months in dating this guy, i asked him what he thought about our relationship.. he told me he likes me and he's attracted to me but he feels like we don't have the same intellectual interests or values so he was a bit worried.. i told him maybe we should get to know each other more cause we're still getting to know each other.. Its been 4 months now so i brought up the topic again and about commitment.. he told me he felt unsure about what he wants cause he likes me but he's scared to jump into a relationship if it might end.. he had a bad experience with his ex so i noticed that he's a lot more cautious now and he tries not to rashly jump into something that might eventually end.. I honestly didn't understand him in that aspect cause its only natural to get hurt through loving someone but you definitely grow from it. I started crying when i heard his response and was very upset/angry.. so after finalizing his answer i walked out on him without really hearing what he had to say.. ever since i haven't spoke to him but i thought he would at least try to contact me but i received nothing,, what do you think that means? should i not contact him to hear him out?


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  • It seemds that along with Growing and Getting Cold Duck Feet in Defeat here, dear, he is Either Contemplating everything over and will contact you when he is Ready Or... He will Leave everything alone now and will move on and expects you to as well.
    However, no matter how you Slice the not so sweet cake, I am seeing a Full Circle Problem Pattern with him and this "Relationship." He is Not Ready Nor Raring to be in any sort of Real Relationship and with problems in Communication or Not being on the same page with Compromise, everything all of the time will always Be... Compromised.
    Should he be in touch with you, tell him that Friends is Best, Not More not Less.
    There is going to be a sour Ball and All All of the time with anything else. Even if you stayed to listen, what would change?
    Good luck. xx

  • He is simply not that interested in you. I don't think you should contact him again.

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