Am I wrong to point out to my girlfriend that I think she dresses to skimpy at the gym?

She wears volleyball shorts and a sports bra with a cut off to the gym and I have been there with her before and caught guys looking at her and I have also been known to check women out at the gym and its unavoidable at times but I brush it off and go my separate way without being a cat calling creep but I understand observing is unavoidable. Theirs one outfit in particular I can see her cameltoe, and I want her to stop wearing that butnshe said I need to trust her.


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  • You can point out your concern and tell her your reasons. She can also tell you that she doesn't agree with you. This is one of those situations where you will have to really try hard to make her understand where you are coming from. What would you like her to wear to the gym? You need something that allows freedom of movement, allow your skin to breathe as much as possible as well as absorbing sweat. Wearing full length leggings can sometimes be uncomfortable and hot.

    • I'm nkt talking go nun status or anything crazy but maybe yoga pants and a short sleeve t shirt will cover up a little more. I still look when I'm at the gym at other girls and it unaboidbale so guys will look no matter what and I don't want them to have so much to see lol.

    • Fair enough. Explain that to her or maybe buy her a new gym outfit in the style you describe. I think if you put it across as something that is upsetting you and you are not controlling or demanding in the way that you say it, she will most likely compromise a bit.

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  • well she's right, you should trust her and she can dress the way she wants, but you can still address your concern in a respective way to the point where she really sees that is is upsetting you so she'll make the decision herself to change the way she dresses.


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