Will you date MRA member?

Dating a feminist is right in your opinion and I think it is not a bad idea but what do you think about dating a mra member (girl or guy)?
Explanation helps better...
SE my one and only mytake , if you wants to know the resoan why I am asking this?

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  • Yes i would

    • can you please elaborate it :-)

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    • mho for briefly explaining your points :-)

What Girls Said 2

  • I'm not dating anyone involved in any gender politics. Feminism, MGTOW, SJWs, MRAs, etc.
    fuck all of that shit

    • yeah labeling them self is may be a wrong thing , it is wrong for me but may not to some people

  • My first impulse is to say no, but then it really depends what his ideas were beyond calling himself an MRA. I know feminists who also identify as MRAs. I'm a feminist and I strongly disagree with some other feminists on some things. So it would depend on his actual views.


What Guys Said 1

  • I wouldn't date an MRA. But I wouldn't date a feminist either. I find people who use either of those words as their title to be hateful of one gender or the other. Yes there are exceptions but I find them to be in the minority.

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