Girls, is it easier to get sex than relationship from a girl?

if statement is right, ... what's wrong with it,.. how it should better work?

  • sex is easy to get
  • love is easy to get
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  • Listen. You have to show a girl that you want her more than sex! Because of the media portraying guys who want sex are sleazy and girls who want sex only are easy... and how neither are committed... if either want a relationship... they have to try extra hard... but, unfortunately, guys have to try harder! My advice to everyone is that you have to lay down what you want and need from the jump. If you just want a fling... let him/her know! If you want the real deal... go on dates, get to know him/her and don't have sex for awhile! :*


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  • Strong username to post content ratio lmao


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  • I'm that kind of girl that will not have sex unless she's in love (that's why I'm a virgin, lmao) so love.


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