Men... Treat your woman right?

I left my partner for not treating me right.
He stopped making time for me, stopped complimenting me, stopped taking me on dates, never being his priority, telking me about other woman who want him, never making plans in advance and always making me feel like an option (ive been with him almost a year)
I've told him a million times how this behaviour affects me.
i always gave him chances, made excuses for him and basically let him walk all over me (my mistake)
He told me two weeks ago if I don't like how he is I should walk and find someone else..., so I did and he knows.
yesterday he called me and asked could he come over and see me I said no.
The thing that's the killer is that he knew I was a good girl. He told me yesterday how he didn't appreciate me and how good I was to him, making him meals and loving and caring about him 100% while asking for nothing back except appreciation.
and now that I'm moving on with someone else that appreciates me he changes his tune.
why do men realise things when it's too late? why can't they see what they have in front of them when it's thrre?


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  • I think you did the right thing there.. a person that is in ones life should care about you just as much as he does himself.. when that flame or spark is getting dimmer and dimmer as a result of this.. its time to move on.. many other guys out there that will be there for you and listen always to what you have to say or want to do I am one of those guys that will not ignore a women ever.. I love their company very much

    • Thankyou.
      I cared for him very much. The thing is I know he will try again... Why do guys do this?

  • you should get married


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  • Women... treat your men right

    • I treated him like a king my love. And looked after him 100% as I believe thats how it should be

    • my point was it isn't just men that don't treat people right.