What does it really mean when they ask "Do you have any other pics?" or "Can I have a picture of you?"?

I'm online dating and I've had a few guys ask me these questions before. At first, I was confused by the request. I clearly have lots of pictures up on my profile (I have 7 pictures!). They all clearly show my face and I even have a few body shots too. I'm not the greatest photographer, but the pictures are all recent and they clearly show what I look like.

When I would initially get asked this question, I honestly thought these guys were so aloof, like they hadn't seen my pictures. So I would just send them my face shots, and tell them that they are on my profile.

But now I realize that it's because they want me to send them sexy pictures. I don't feel comfortable doing that, and I won't. Why do some people feel entitled to these types of pictures?

The other day this guy I had been talking to requested more pictures. I told him I have several on my profile and he said he had seen those. I told him that's all I had. And he was all "ok". I'm pretty sure this guy was trying to get some sexy shots. But I wasn't willing to send any. Since that conversation he hasn't spoken to me at all.

We haven't even met yet, so why does he think he is entitled to pictures? If he really wants to get to know me or see me, ask me out for a coffee! Let's meet up in person!

What do you guys think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Interesting. You've done right by having face and body shots, that should be enough. The rest he should be engaging you in conversation. I wouldnt' send him any more pictures or interact until he demonstrates his value to you that he can communicate and entice you.

    I have asked women for photos but it was because they only had 1 posted, which I don't trust.

    I will tell you that professional level photos are a good idea. I don't have them but am working on that. Be conscious of what you are conveying in your photos as that is a major determinant in who you are attracting. It is marketing, so get the marketing message correct.

    you are doing nothing wrong that I can tell. If I saw your photos and they weren't good, my answer may change...

    • Yea, I have 7 photos and they are very clear and all recent (from within the last year). I'm not doing anything suggestive in any of the photos, they are just regular pictures.

Most Helpful Girl

  • If i were you, i would be so turned off with that kind of attitude. For me, it means they only want to get physical, they only want to get satisfied with ur pics or beaty. Those guys are shallow. not genuinely want to know more about you in personality and ur value/ quality. I really dont want to waste my time with those kind of men. Search other men. Those better men will always be out there. :)

    • Thanks! I agree, I feel like most of the time the guys only care about my looks. They don't see me as a person. It's really frustrating. Been online almost 7 months now and have had no luck :(

What Guys Said 2

  • if this guy is interested in you and askfor your pictures often then it means he cares for physical looks more than inside beauty.

  • Just remember when guys are on the net they usually have some porn on the go that they are wanking to x

    • Like from another girl? I don't personally care if it's just regular porn from the internet. But if they are sexting with another girl that's kind of shady.

What Girls Said 1

  • They want to see more of you. However, you should not feel like it is mandatory to share more of your pictures with them.

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