Is someone in their mid-twenties with someone 18 or 19 weird?

So I'm extremely young looking for my age. I just turned 26 but I literally look 17-19 years old. Girls say I'm cute but the only ones that ever seem interested in me are girls 17-19 years old. Since I'm not a perv who would ever date a minor, 17 is out of the question, but what about 18-19 years old? Is that still rather strange or would that be okay, especially since we literally look the same age. To give some clarification on how young I actually look, I had a 19 year old shoot me down last year because she said I looked too young for her. Just wanted some thoughts.

  • Weird
  • A little weird
  • If you guys look the same age then why not
  • Not weird at all
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  • It's fine. I see nothing wrong with it. However, you're probably going to be incompatible.


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  • no difference with 80yr old guy with a 19-20 something lady