He emails but won't ask me on a second date?

OK so I met this guy online, and it is amazing how much we have in common. Anyway, so we chatted for a month (and both went on holiday during that time but still emailed) but pretty much a longish email every day or every other day.

So finally after he got back from his holiday he asked me out. We had a super fun date last Friday night but we were both clearly very nervous - it lasted 5 hours when it was just going to be a drink which seems like a good sign. So he's emailed since, fun chatty emails. But no talk of date #2... this is his first time back dating after breaking up with his ex 2 years ago - which I think crushed him. He's 37, and he's in a special division of the police that does crazy stuff.

I don't understand why he is emailing if he doesn't want to ask me out? He has an interview for a promotion at work that he is studying for before the end of the month. So maybe that's it. I dunno, he works shift work 24 hours on and 48 hours off and lives 2 hours from me, so it's not convenient but it's certainly possible to meet up one more time if he wanted to to see if it's worth pursuing.

So any guys got any suggestions on what the story is and how to move this forward to date #2... I mean should I ask him out? I think that might be weird for him.

Does he even want to go out again?


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  • He has a lot of things going on in his perosnal life, he is contacting you so he likes you if he didn't he wouldn't even do that. It means he wants you in his life, even if it is with email, give him time, let things develop, keep emailing if that's the only contact you have.

    • Thanks for the reply. Yeah I agree he has a lot going on, if he doesn't ask me out after his Interview, then would it be appropriate to ask him? Or any better ideas?

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