Would You Confront Someone Who Ghosted on You?

So, me and this guy have been hanging out for a couple months. He worked by me so we would just run into each other or stop by each others work and hang out after. We never really texted that often, but we saw each other a few times a week so it didn't bother me. He stopped working by me though and since he did he also stopped coming by work and we never text so he pretty much disappeared. He has something of mine though that I need back and I texted him to get that back and he is meeting up with me before work today (he didn't even want to meet up after, which if he still wanted to hang out that is what he would have suggested, but no.) So, he is clearly not that interested in hanging out anymore. I have been so bummed out about this and depressed. It is not in my personality to fly off the chain and act too psycho but I just want to ask him where he's been and tell him it is shitty to just disappear like that and see what he has to say. Would you do the same?


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  • yes i would do the same and ask him that why have you disappeared,


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