Why's he being like this?

So my boyfriend is being really weird like the other day he was saying he missed me and then today he was having a go at me for wanting him to come out with our other friends, I don't know what I'm doing wrong 😔


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  • How long have you been together? He probably wants to get to know you better one on one first. Once (beginning of a relationship) I got upset when my boyfriend had his friend tag along with us! If you've been together awhile... he is either really possessive or he didn't want to go where you two were going! Hmmm fill me in...

    • We've been going out less than a month and it's with all of our friends (seven in total) but we had a small argument the night before and decided he wasn't coming and I phoned him to talk to him and I told him I hadn't seen him in a while (a week) and I asked why he always tells me he misses if he's not going to make effort and he started being horrible

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    • I've found out he went to meet two other girls that night 😔

    • Drop him like it's hot!!!

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