How to deal with teasing about a relationship?

So a guy I know asked me to prom and we went on a date a few days ago. All of a sudden, a bunch of these guys that both he and I know, but who know him better, are making awful comments to me about it. Like teasing me about it and asking if we've had sex or telling me we're going to have sex or just being generally really really rude. It's really fucking with my head and I'm sort of worried about his attitude now. He didn't try anything on me at all on our date but now I feel like there are all these expectations? And people teasing me about it is the actual worst. How do I react to these jerks without egging them on? Because I feel like anything I do at this point just shows how much they're embarrassing me and makes them want to keep being dicks.

I get REALLY easily embarrassed and my cheeks flush BRIGHT RED so quickly. The last time a guy teased me about it he said, and I quote, "You're bright as a strawberry"


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  • U deal or you break up.