Do I need to give my girlfriend "more love"?

I been dating her for nearly 3 years now and sometimes when we hang out, i study or just do something else. I think our relationship is very good and just calm altogether. She is telling me i'm boring and i don't love her like before. She says i don't take her out that much anymore, i dont used to tease her like i did before and so on. To me i kind of grew past that cause i really know her now. Another big factor is that i'am very busy in my life. She is saying that sometimes i forget about her and i don't pay attention to her like when we first started dating and she says that it's like i lost interest in her all together.

I love her a lot and forsure did not lose internet, but i dont have time to spend with her all day like we used to before and take walks and do all that stuff. I'am busy and i tried telling her that but she says that she feels very sad because i need to love her more and i used to be romantic and now i'am not.

GIRLS is this how you would feel too if you had a boyfriend? I hate to see her like this but i can't skip work and not study. I try to explain it to her but she still is saying that i don't love her anymore. Is what i'm doing ok or do i need to sacrifice for her?


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  • why not designate one or two really romantic dates with her each month? keep the fire alive? lol. it isn't a nice feeling when you think the other person has lost interest... you don't have to sacrifice too much- but if the relationship is worth it, you can put more effort into it.

    • ever since i wrote the question i thought about it myself and i could be more caring towards her. After exams are done we could spend more time with each other

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