A Jealous EX! GUYS?

So my ex and I broke up 9mths ago. We remained friends on Facebook. A guy friend of mine did me as his wcw. Right away my ex gave me the 5th degree. I don't know why he got all bent out of shape about. Then after he got crazy, he said I just want you to be happy. Like wtf?


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  • Yes, he is jealous. I would put him on a restricted friends list through facebook... That way, you havn't defriended him (but maybe you need to), but he doesn't get to see everything that is happening on your page..

    • Why does he say he just wants me to be happy though. It seems counterintuitive.

    • Because it makes him feel like he is being the better person.

  • An ex...
    Why do you care what an ex thinks. He's jealous, you said it yourself.
    It's hard to not care about someone, when you once did.
    If it bothers you (probably doesn't) unfriend him.