What's he going to ask me? What should I say?

There's this guy who's been chasing after me. I got mad so we didn't talk for a week and a half then all of a sudden he messaged. I replied and said that I didn't wanna have anything to do with him. I also placed this pic of me with this guy (who's just a friend because he's a closet gay) but I didn't think that he or anyone else would think that there was something between us. At the same time pics of me and my gay friend dancing together came out. The next day, I heard that the guy has a girl now, his ex fling.He even displayed a pic of he and that girl in fb. So I changed my pic in fb and I told the guy why I got mad. Then the next thing I know he adds me again in yahoo messenger (cause I deleted him when I got mad). But I know that they're still together (but not official). I know he wants to talk. What do you think is he gonna say? And what should I say? I do like this guy but I'm just so confused on what he wants--if he's playing me or if this is something real.

but it was a mistake! I didn't think that people would think anything. I just looked good in that pic. Plus the reason I got mad at him in the first place is because I felt that he was just using me for his games.


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  • Your the one playing around, you said you didn't want nothing to do with him and tried to make him think you was going out with someone else if I was him I wouldn't waste my time with you


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