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A friend of mine recently asked me "why do I seem to have trouble with men. it seems whenever I meet a guy he either turns out to be an asshole or ends up being scared off"

She thought what I said (although controversial) was helpful so I thought I'd post it here


1. Don't approach every guy thinking "will he be my boyfriend?" When you first meet a guy you should not be thinking about wether this dude will be your boyfriend or not. but on whether or not he will add to your overall amount of happiness.

2. Don't be desperate. Men can easily tell if you are desperate or not. Nobody likes a woman that is over eager. if you act like you're too excited to see a penis I guarantee you're just gonna get slapped with it

3. Don't talk about ex-boyfriends. It makes you seem bitter. and please. don't point them out to us unless you know the guy really well. Because you might just end up with a fight your hands. And nobody wants that :)

4. If you have kids. hide them. Save that topic for a few dates later or at least until he knows you better

5. Ladies you have to dress the part. Dress and wear make up to show off your good features. Being a guy I know almost nothing about putting makeup on. but guys know what looks good. If you have nice eyes put on makeup in a way that will show them off. If you have big titties, show them off! Playing to your strengths only makes you look more confident.

6. Have a sense of humor. most men like it when people laugh at their jokes. Make me laugh :)

7. Anorexia is not attractive. When you meet a girl who looks like she just came from Darfur its an immediate turn off. If one of your ribs poke me in the eye when I try to talk to you it just tells me your a "headcase" or "unhealthy"

8. You guys might give me shit for this one but. play hard to get. If you decide its a "good idea" to suck a guys dick within a few minutes of meeting him. you're not gonna find a boyfriend. If you plan on acting like that you're gonna get nothing but an orgasm, a few late night calls, and a reputation amongst his buddies as "the town bj queen"

Anybody feel free to add to this. its just a starter list. just to give an idea


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  • well, quick question: I'm really thin, and I eat healthy and stuff, and I've tried to gain weight but I can't, and it's not like my ribs stick out (maybe a little but I can't help it!), but is it really that bad?

    and any advice on what to do when I first meet a guy? because I just feel severely awkward and I don't know what to do with my self and I feel really really self conscious (mostly because I act older than my age.)?

    and do guys care a lot about how much experience a girl has? because I'm in my second year of college and I have absolutely NONE. I haven't even had a boyfriend yet (haven't been kissed!). and I don't want to go around kissing random guys.

    • I don't mind that at all. I like naturally thing and slender girls.

      Theres nothing wrong with having no experience.

      Just be yourself.

    • Yeah there's nothing wrong with naturally thin... I was just talking about girls that starve themselves

    • Kk, just wondering!!!! thanks!

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  • hard to get? so kinda like playing mind games with the guy type of thing.

    i'm painfully shy when it comes to strangers, though I've gotten better over the years as I've had to work with a lot Alpha type males in my past job. I know I can seem to be really serious at times and this makes me a little comfortable around male strangers when they start making offensive jokes and gestures. I know that all that anyone can do is be themselves but sometimes I feel like I can give an 'ice queen' vibe among the males. any advice?

    • Not mind games... just make a guy work for it... especially if you're trying to attract somebody respectable

      As for the whole "ice queen" thing... just liven up! If some dude says something that offensive just be wise ass and rag on him right back, we love stuff like that!

  • ahaha omg #2 ,#4, #7 man I couldn't stop laughing so true. I used to struggle with #1 just couldn't stop screening them.

  • So are you running into girls that need this advice?

  • I think this is all true, especially #8. I know a lot of girls who sleep with a guy too early and wonder why no one takes them seriously. I thought that would have been a no-brainer.

  • You should post articles on these things, you have no idea how helpful it is but it's short and I KNOW I would LOVE to read more detailed advice on these points, especially #2 and #8. I for one have no idea how to balance it out, I either end coming off too desperate/needy or TOO hard to get and never ever ever get the guy. I'm one lonely biatch :(

    #7 is pretty damn interesting too. Guys seem to really love the thin girls but then they complain if we're TOO thin so really, we are forever confused. I for one, am an okay weight for my height (5'6, 130lbs) but we always wonder if we should be skinnier.

    Anyway, great post. Looking forward to more stuff from you.


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  • Not sure I agree with #4. If you have kids, and it's a problem for the guy on day one, it's probably going to be a problem at date 12 or date 365. Why delay? This going to sound shallow, but it's a bit like large girl thinking she can go online and conceal her size long enough for the guy to get to know the inner person. I doubt that works very often. The truth comes out and you start right off with trust issues. Besides there are certain words and mannerisms a girl uses that give her away, whether it's having kids or a sex change.

    • Alot of guys I know would find the whole "kid thing" intimidating... I'm saying don't mention having kids right of the bat

  • When the hell are you going to get your own talk show.this is a great list - j