Why is this girl totally ignoring me?

I've had the weirdest couple days with this girl, I get the feeling she is super in to me, but I dont know for sure. Either way, the signs aren't that obvious so I'm not sure what to do. Anyway, the other day I was hanging out at the library with my friends "doing homework"(procrastinating) and she came and sat near us, I saw her and said hi, and then went to go talk to my friends more. She literally sat there for the next hour doing something on her phone and computer, and then as we got up to leave, she abruptly got up and walked away. I called her name twice and she ignored me (or didn't hear me, although I find that hard to believe), so I ran up along side her to talk and she started talking to me like normal. Then yesterday I texted her and she immediately got back to me with this huge response, and I forgot to respond (yeah I know, women dont like that). Any way, I texted her back 4 hours later when I realized I never texted her back, and she read the message and just never responded, which I think is a little odd, I get that I took 4 hours to respond, but she never does that (I have a history of doing it), and the text I sent her was more meaningful, and it came across as somewhat rude for her not to respond at all. Then today I saw her walking and I said hi to her and she ignored me. She had headphones in, but there is no way she "didnt hear or see me" cause she purposely kept her head down. I'm like, "what is happening?". Does she want me to ask her out, or whats the deal? Is she justified in getting mad at me? I'm so confused. What do I do? I sort of like her, although this recent behavior has made me rethink those feelings.


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  • Man up a bit. If you like her ask her out. She made is clear she like you but didn't get anything back. If I was her I would be like: "Yeah cute guy but not interested." and I would move on.

    • Wow... harsh, to be honest though I only suspect she likes me, she hasn't done anything that obvious. And I dont like her enough to risk getting rejected if she doesn't like me, if she asked me out I'd be totally cool with going out with her, but I'm too confused to ask her out.

    • "I dont like her enough to risk getting rejected if she doesn't like me" What is this? You not gonna get any action like this. Dont try to flirt with her. Just be friendly. Ask her to go to an event together, cycling. If she says she is busy thats fine. But the chances are she will accept like 95% of the time.

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  • Well, if the signs are not so obvious then you shouldn't assume that she likes you for sure. If a woman likes you she will and has to give sure signs, definite signs of liking you. Getting mixed signals or uncertain signs are not really a good thing.