Ex boyfriend is back. Wt to do?

After 3 weeks away. No contact rule. After i sent him a message that i passed by a place and reminded me of us.. he unblocked me the next day. Which was yesterday. Yesterday he asked me to meet. We met. He was sooo nice to me. he said sorry. promised he won't do again saying he luvs me.
the reason we broke up: he disappeared the next day of our date and i broke up then..
iluv him but logically i kinda worry.. like a trust issue he might disappear..
i need help. Advise how to deal with that?


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  • Don't meet up with him. This whole story sounds like a grocery store adolescent drama. They always end badly, and usually for the girl. Don't let that be you.

    • We met already yesterday. As i mentioned in question and he was sooo nice and kind. Saying sorry and won't do it again...
      but the thing if he do it again... wt shoud i do? or how to deal so far?

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    • Let me give it to you straight: he hasn't changed. He won't ever change. He will say whatever it takes to get you back, and then it will be the exact same bullshit as before. You broke up for a reason. Remember that. Don't let romanticism and foolishness blind you from how he truly is.

    • Now we r back. How shoud i act?
      I dunt want t be needy u know...