Ladies, what do you think about her being distant?

This one is more for the ladies. Looking to see what you think.

started dating a girl about 2 months ago, we were seeing each other 2-3 times a week for 3-4 weeks. I went on a business trip and haven't seen her since I got back. She said she wanted to see me, we made plans and they got cancelled on a few occasions. First she told me grandfather real sick. Her Facebook page confirmed this. Then one time we made plans and she cancelled on me last minute. I hadn't heard from her in a little over a week. I was going to play the no contact thing but said fuck it at this point what do I have to lose. So I sent her a text. Told her she was being a stranger and if there was still any interest I would love to take her out again.

Her response "I know and I'm real sorry. I'm going through some things right now but do want to get together real soon :)"

You ladies think she's for real or trying to let me down easy? She could have just as easily not responded instead of sending that. What has been your experience in dating guys? Would you do this to someone you were "seeing" if things were going on in your life? We were getting pretty close, sex was great, she was always telling me how much she was into me and now she's being distant.

I told her when the dust settles to let me know. I have gone out with other girls but none of them are like her. I won't text her again this time as I'm either going to hear from her or move on but I wanted ladies input on if you believe what she says to be true. Maybe she's dealing with her ex. Not sure what's going on but I respect her space. I'm not her boyfriend and she doesn't owe me anything, I honestly just want to be in her company again.


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  • I'm usually really clingy, unless the guy tells me to stop sending him stuff... so not messaging at all would be unusual if it was me. Truthfully... I'd probably text him more for comfort. Her Grandpa being sick is sad... you think she'd want to talk... for support? She may just be sad, depressed and need to be alone. I've been both ways... now that I think about it... but usually; the former than the latter

  • I totally understand how you feel. Personally, I never try to lead a guy on. So if I wasn't feeling it anymore, I wouldn't tell you that I wanted to get together soon. I would be straight-up.

    • This is my thought. I flat out said "you've been a stranger so I think I get it but wanted to get in touch with you one more time here. I thought we were clicking pretty well and If there is still any interest I'd love to take you out again"

      She could have not replied, or just said sorry I lost interest, but she didn't. So now I'm in this spot where it's like Fuck. I want to hold out but at the same time how soon is soon you know. I can't wait around for her and I get that. It's just I go out with other girls right now and all I've been doing is comparing them to her not really giving them a chance and it's completely unfair to them and me. Never been in this spot before where I let a girl get in my head like this

    • I've been through a similar situation, and sometimes I feel like the person just doesn't know what he/she wants. If you really like her, give it some time. She may come around.

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