How to make guy from internet to come to my country?

We met online... he asked my viber and we started to communicate there... We talked a lot! for the 1st month, Like almost every minute.
Once he asked me if i want to Ireland and he can show me the city and we ll go to fitness together and be friends.
I said, or maybe u should come to my country, as i need a visa and u dont) I will also show u everuthing.
He said, yes maybe he need to come. And we never talked about it ever again.
Last month our chat became more and more rare and now we kinda talk often again.
I really want to see him, as i like him and i feel he likes me too...

Should i start to ask him to come to my country? or i would sound clingy and annoying?
any advice?


What Guys Said 1

  • Only if he had money and enough horniess he would do it lol.


What Girls Said 1

  • Do not ask him to come to your country yet. You should connect more with him before asking him to come there.