Does this indicate that girls more are shallow?

We know guys like boobs but the thing is guys dont have boob size requirements. I have never among my friends or anywhere else heard about a guy who rejected a girl solely on the fact that she was a cup x instead of a cup y. Its usually a variety of reasons a guy would reject a great girl. I haven't heard any guy tell me that he turned down an amazing girl he really thought high of and who he would otherwise date if only her breasts are bigger.
Stuff like these are what we guys prefer, we dont place physical requirements.

The same cannot be said about girls. Girls place height requirements on guys (YES HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS). It means a girl will meet an amazing guy who has lots of great qualities but she will reject him for nothing else but the fact he's not a certain height.
I've seen this in real life over and over, my friend who's 5'4 got rejected by our mutual female friend who's 5'10, and she even admitted she'd date him only if he was taller. I was also rejected in the past for being to short, and the crazy part is, I AM 2 INCHES TALLER THAN THE GIRL WHO REJECTED ME. But apparently that wasent good enough.

So thats why, I believe deep down my heart, girls are more shallow than guys, even tough they categorically deny it.

And please dont bring up weight. Weight and height are not comparable even the slightest. There is nothing one can do about their height. I am 5'9 and can't change it, if you on the other hand are unhappy with yout weight, guess what, its your fault. Burn more calories than you consume, there you go, problem solved.
Does this indicate that girls more are shallow?
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