Attractive younger girl lives next door and I don't even know her?

I feel rather frustrated , I don't know them very well her or people she lives with , I've seen her a few times recently , I'm not sure if she's back home from school maybe or if she just didn't go out during the winter , I was out cleaning my car and saw her walk out and get into her car. there is an age diff here , I'm not sure how old she is but younger than me by a few years but still considering she lives next door I don't think it be odd if we were friends or at least said hi to each other ( but is nothing really to do where I live that someone her age find interesting and I've never been inside her house ) , is there a path forward here? would it be weird if I introduced myself somehow? do you think she has noticed by now that I check her out?


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  • It wouldn't be weird if you introduced yourself to her. However, do not start stalking her or whatever because that would be creepy.

    • I see them walking the dog a lot maybe that would be a time to say something , from talking to people I live with there seems to be a couple women living there they don't even know and not sure why they live there all of a sudden

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  • Just say "Good morning", some morning whilst you do something, you do something. Dont just wait outside and to say good morning. thats how you get restraining orders.


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