He has a girlfriend but acts weird around me?

In order to avoid a huge paragraph I will give details, make sure you read the end before answering thanks

1. Our eyes always meet when we are at school, it's almost as if we look for each other but in a subtle way
2. He messages me on Facebook a lot, even if it is just about mundane things we always seem to be in a constant conversation. He always inistiates conversations never me but sometimes he doesn't reply for hours at a time?
3. In classes he appears to be sometimes nervous around me. He is naturally a shy guy but not nervy, he constantly fixes his hair and goes a little clumsy around me.

However, what makes this situation a little difficult is the fact that he has a girlfriend! The reason I want to gage if he likes me or not isn't for me to to date him or anything it is simply to know if I am picking this up wrong or what I should do to stop this situation?


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  • Ask him about his girlfriend. Stay off if cheating is involve

  • Maybe he just want you.


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