Girls: Never been on a date, and 17?

Firstly, I'm not like a weirdo or something. And, I've been told by plenty of girls that I'm good looking. But, I've never been on a date even! I'm not sure why, it just has never happened, lol. So, honestly, is that weird?


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  • Not weird at all. Your life isn't running away and you have plenty of years to date (and get better at dating) women.

    But let me correct you on something very essential:

    Your good or bad looks have very little to do with neither your chance of getting a date nor your general success with girls.

    I mean, it is very confusing when you see girls looking at Hollywood superstars or even that guy from school going "wow, he's so hot" - So you get an understanding that girls are attracted most to good looking guys.

    However, you have to understand that most (and by most, I really mean around 90%) of a female attraction to a guy is determined dynamically, i.e. In interaction and communication that occurs after a girl sees a guy.

    So I think you should ask yourself, how good are your dynamics with women? Are you relying solely on your looks in hopes of catching a girl to like you?

    Really, try to formalize this into your consciousness and you'll probably get a better understanding of how you attract females and why it hasn't worked too well in the past.


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  • I've seen people on here that haven't had a first date and they're well over 20.

    I wouldn't say that's weird at all.

    I think it's because of society as a whole that some people aren't dating until their twenties. With all of the ease of technology, basic communication skills are sorely lacking. Gone are the days of courtship and romancing. Instead, all we get is a text or a Facebook message asking for a date, if that. Guys just don't step up.

    Get some confidence and ask a girl out!

    • I will admit you have some valid but technology nowadays has some many ways to branch out with so many people. I will say that getting a Facebook messgae or a text for a date is kinda weak but you can't entirely put it on the guy's confidence.

      Most good guys nowadays that used to step up, might have had a rejection or something in that nature, causing to resort behind non face to face interaction on just asking for a date. So, you could also blame some females too.

    • I can see where you're coming from. But even still, everyone gets rejected in their life at one point or another -- whether it be for a sports team, college acceptance, or asking someone out on a date (although guys face rejection 9/10 more than girls since most girls don't ask guys out).

      Just my opinion that it's not weird he's never been on a date and only 17.

  • it's not weird at all.

    maybe you're just not ready?

    I know plenty of attractive men and beautiful women who have never been on a date, let alone had their first kiss.

    have you ever asked any girls out?

  • No. Not everyone have a high school sweetheart, has their first kiss when they're 14, or losses their virginity their senior year, etc. People think it's not normal because this is how the media is. but the media isn't real life.


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  • Stop complaining go flirt with some and ask them out its a numbers game the more you ask the more likely you will get a date. nothing wrong with you, unless you turn like 40 then your weird.