Do I ask her or just leave it.

There's this girl I have known for about a year now. I really like her as a friend, but I think I like her more. Well I know if we went out I would grow to love her she is amazing and at the moment she comes over we hug and cuddle but nothing more,. We have kissed at a party awhile ago but nothing ever became of it, I'm not sure whether to tell her how I feel and risk it then being awkward and then us not being such close friends. Or whether to just stay friends and put my feels for her aside because I couldn't stand to lose her as a friend if we did go out and broke up. Because then it would be weird between us. And I really don't want that.. What can I do? btw I'm only 17. Not going into anything like marriage or that srs.


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  • I feel like I just answered this question, it's the same basic principle but there are some slight variations.

    Okay, let me begin...

    You are friends right now.

    You kissed. A while ago.

    Neither of you acknowledged it.

    She was just as capable as you were of discussing what was going on between you two. So she could either be thinking the exact same thing as you. She could have feelings for you too and not want to jeopardize your amazing friendship for a short-term relationship (because lets face it, when you're in high school you'll be a completely different person even 5 years down the road, so the chances of you two breaking up is very big).

    Or, she could have realized that after you two kissed, she really felt nothing for you as anything more than a friend.

    Either way, so you know for sure, I would talk to her about it and see where you stand. Even if you don't get her to be your girlfriend, you'll still have her as a friend. And sometimes friends are all you ever have and need.


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  • hey... I've recently been in ur shoes...

    jus try and think it through.. whether she returns ur interest or not.. it wld totally suck if you wld just sit and let it be.. because then you wld come to regret it latr, I wld ask her out.. keep it casual and tell her tht you both cld test d waters for the more than frndship part... if it works out then fine, othrwise u'll stay frnds.. dunt push too hard or expect anything of it.. think of it as going out wid her as a frnd.. but let her try the idea of it bein more.. and then just go wid d flow.. I hope it works out.. :)

    • Hrmm a very good idea. I shall have a hard think about it all and see what ishall do thatnks for advice <3

  • i am currently in the same situation. I think you should tell her, because if you guys are close friends and understand each other, it makes it that much better to be in a relationship. you know that you already get along and its not as awkward as meeting someone new. give it a try and if it does not work out, you can always go back to being friends.

  • yh vry hard situation

    which I've been in too

    (I jus hide away my feelings cuz

    i'm just a very shy persn whos 2 scard

    to do anything)

    i think you should tell her how you feel

    about her and if things are a bit awkward

    then you shud also tell her that you do still

    want to be friends with her and you dnt want ur friendship

    with her to change bcuz of what you feel

    i mean am jus saying because I waznt brave enough!

    Good Luck!

    = ]

    • THanks for your advice. I don't know if I can bring myself to tellher but ill give it ago!

    • Its been my experience that whenever a guy pours his heart out to a girl, it always.. and I mean always ends badly.

      Guys have relationship power, when they give that away too soon or all of it, the chase is over.

      She loses all attraction and the guy still keeps trying, the girl gets creeped out and then leaves and never talks to them again. That's what he probably has to look forward to.

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  • Dont try and force relationships. Let them happen naturally. Don't really do anything, just let things happen.

    When you try and force an outcome in a relationship it becomes unnatural, she feels it, then you feel it and its not fun for anyone.

    For men there is a window of opportunity. By now you have placed yourself in the friend zone, and she probably now only sees you like a brother. IF however you had made a move during that window everything would be fine. But since you didn't, you are now in a world of trouble.

    My suggestion is to see other people, let her see you with other people and then let her come to you.

    Just keep her as a friend. And if things work out they work out, if the dont, they dont.