Could we be a good match?

I'm totally in love with this guy, and he really likes me too. We're super compatible in personality and he treats me like a princess, and I've never been so happy being in a relationship before.

But I've been afraid to introduce him to my friends and family. The few friends who have met him are shocked that I'm dating him, because
- I'm your stereotypical rich, spoiled, and sheltered girl. I grew up studying classical music, literature, and other things people find "sophisticated" (but deep inside I hate all of that although I've never told anyone)
- I studied at a top Ivy League school, and I've only ever dated preppy rich guys before, so everyone thinks they're my type (actually, they were so arrogant and boring that I've even fallen asleep on a date before) He studied at a small pretty unknown university.
- He's very down to earth and basic. He loves the simple pleasures in life and that's why I like him more than anyone I've ever dated. On our first trip ever together, I let him pick the hotel that we were going to stay at, and he picked this cute and cozy Bed&Breakfast place. I had never stayed at a B&B before, and i was pleasantly surprised (Had it been up to me, I'd have picked Ritz Carleton, at least a Marriott for sure)
- His appearance is really different from the guys I've dated... Kind of Bohemian, which is super hot, but probably not to my family and friends... I know that my best friend already told me that she disapproves, and my parents will probably be at least somewhat upset when they find out.

There's that bit of wisdom that goes, if your family and friends disapprove of the guy, then dump him. But I feel like I've been lying to myself and everyone else for my entire life (in pretending that I'm this classy sophisticated girl, even though I'm totally not!) that he might be a better match than what everyone else thinks. Can you guys convince me in either way? Is he good for me, or not?


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  • I disagree with that. Your family and friends can be wrong for multiple reasons. If you like that dude, then go for it. No one should persuade you otherwise. I hope it works out for you.


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  • You have made the decision already, so go for it.


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