Should I be jealous of his female friends?

Just wondering, my boyfriend spends 3-4 days a week with me where we have a sleepover at his place or mine, hang out, cook, play games etc and during this time he doesn't check his phone/make calls/text anyone. And I know his phone password
but I saw on his Facebook that he has a few female friends that he hasn't told me about and they're on his recent contacts. I know they're from his uni cuz I looked them up but I don't know if there's anything going on... How can I be sure?

Also, he has two really close female friends who he doesn't really talk about cuz he knows I get jealous. But whenever I call him he's free to talk, and he's not dodgy when I'm with him (1/2 a week at a time) so I don't know if I should be jealous.


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  • Sure ! Let your jealousy ruin your relationship... Why not?
    The fact that you checked his phone already says a lot.

    • I didn't say I check his phone haahha
      I said he doesn't check his phone often.

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    • Go through his phone? No cos he leaves it unlocked so there's no point

    • "And I know his phone password"
      "No cos he leaves it unlocked so there's no point"

      Is there a password or no?
      Anyway, if you feel the need to snoop around and violate his privacy this is probably what's going to kill your relationship. If you don't do it, then good luck.

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  • Um... No? He's not hiding anything. He's giving you no reason to be jealous.

    So don't be.