Ladies, what do you think of a guy who is described as a loner?

Ladies. If you see a guy you think is cute, then you hear him described as a loner, how does that effect his opinion of him?

Not sure if loner is the right word to use, I just tend to be focused on what I'm doing, whether it be work, school, or the gym. If friends ask me to hang out I usually enjoy doing so, but I'm not one for facebook or texting. Texting is convenient but if we're gonna have a conversation then lets hang out in person.

What word would you use to describe someone like that?

  • I think it is attractive when a guy is described as a "loner".
  • I think it is unattractive when a guy is described as a "loner".
  • A guy being a "loner" doesn't change my opinion.
  • I'm not sure.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • What you describe doesn't sound like a loner though
    Wouldn't change my mind though based on what others say.
    Anyways, I usually don't listen to other people's opinions because they are subjective.(unless it's super visible from my perspective too)
    God knows who said things like "she's not popular", "she's fat so not great to talk to" or other bs, when the reality might be different.
    People miss out on other great people because they are too busy judging by appearance or what someone else says


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well that's nice. This poll gives me hope.


What Girls Said 2

  • I think that's bad ass. I'm a loner as well and prefer to do my own things like working out, being lazy, walking n all that good stuff. Also this is the only social media I have. I prefer talking on the phone or talking in person! I enjoy face to face interactions!

  • I don't see a single thing wrong with that


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