Is this too risky? Please help?

So right now I'm at school taking a practice AP exam for English , and it ends at 11:48. Started around 8:30. I was gonna lie to my mom and tell her I'm also taking a Spanish AP practice so then I'd get home around 4:10. saying it went from 12:10-4:10 or something. Here's the thing tho , so at 11:48 I was gonna go get some food with my friend and have her take me home around 1 when we finish. But my mom just texted me right now asking what Time she should come get me...-.- So after I finish eating with my friend I was gonna meet up with my boyfriend (he was gonna pick me up after I finish eating with her) so after me and him hangout I would have him take me home afterwards. My brother is gone all day and is out of town and my dad is also out of town. My mom would be the only one home. I was gonna have my boyfriend drop me off a little farther from my house so my mom doesn't see his truck and just walk to my house and then ring the doorbell or walk in and pretend like my friend dropped me off and not him. As for my moms message I was gonna text her around 4:10 and tell her that they took our phones due to testinf so I couldn't text her and that I'm on my way home with my friend bc I thought she wasn't coming to get me bc she just had oral surgery. Does this sound like an okay plan or does it sound bad and should I just go home? P. S- I'm not allowed to hangout with my boyfriend alone which is why I'm doing this. And I'm 17... I know it's a religious thing.

These were just practice exams. I actually ended up doing it but got home around 3:00 she was a little suspicious bc she didn't see my friends car drive away but I'm not in trouble.


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  • It sounds like a bad idea. You should be honest with your mother. Tell her you and your friend are getting food and then you want to hang out with your boyfriend. If you really need to lie, tell your mom that your friend will also be hanging out with you guys so that she doesn't get upset.

    • Most schools also have schedules for AP testing and send out emails/update their front page, so you could be busted before you even go to lunch. Honesty is the best policy with moms, their lie-detector senses are scary accurate.

    • @untotal theses were just practice exams. But thanks. Def won't do it again.

    • ahh I gotchu. Well, it's not wrong if you get away with it, right? ;)

      Congrats on not getting caught! I'm a little paranoid + goody-goody so I tend to overthink things lmao.

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  • Just be honest with your mom. It's not worth the lying that you may get caught for. What are you going to tell your mom when you have the real Spanish AP exam?

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