If the guy you're dating seems annoyed or mad at you for some reason, is it better to give him some space?

or should you ask him what's wrong?


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  • I would ask him what was going on. When you are dating it is the time to figure out how the person you are dating handles conflict. If he cannot deal with frustration and discuss it while you are dating, it will be much worse when you are in a relationship.


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  • ask him - communication is always key. so no one's clueless.

  • It's best to give him some time but also be sure to ask him what is bothering him


    I got the same problem, & sometimes I almost ant him to get real mad just so he will yell about what is wrong lol... Ambiguity is the WORST !

    I can't tell if he is tolerating ME & I am the cause, or there is just something else entirely that is bothering him.

    My friend thinks it is because I talk & then I stop & I never talk t him when he tries to talk to ME lol I don't know but I am getting real frustrated & it s not making it easy to talk to him. lol

    • Haha I'm not a confrontational person. but the weird thing is, is that since I've given him some space, we've stopped talking. I think that it's because his best friend saw me talking to some guy friends of mine that they didn't know and consequently told the guy I was dating.

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    • So you think he's jealous that you were talking to his best friend?

    • I think his bet friend feels guilty cause he stepped over something by his own standards cause I am just friendly & I talk to people, but both of them got weird eve since & it is not even guilty, but just you know the brother ship code thing... Like maybe they needed an extra bonding device.. HIs b friend has no girlfriend, & by my taking to his best friend , he doubts my feelings for HIM, thus PERFECT ENEMY - ME.

      ( They have more to gain defending themselves& hating ME lol )

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