My girlfriend talking to another guy from her work?

Hey everyone. Me and my girlfriend have been dating happily for 16 months but there has been some bumps in the road which has caused her to want a break because she said, "she wasn't happy" and needed time to figure things out. I thought okay, I'll give her some space. I then received word from her friend that she was talking to another guy, snapchat, twitter, text etc... She screenshots pictures of him shirtless etc. So I confronted my girlfriend about it, she said that he was just someone to talk to and she didn't like him like that. She just talked to him about our relationship problems and cry to him about it over facetime. I still think if that were only it, that would be unacceptable but I NEVER look through her phone but I had to this time. She was texting her friends that she was falling for him, and that he made her happy and that she really liked him. Keep in mind, we were still working on things with our relationship at the time. Still, she denies feeling anything for him like how she felt for me. Anyway, fast forward a month later and we have been back together after I threatened to break up with her but I decided to give her a second chance because I love her that much. She begged me and said I was the only one she ever wanted and wants to spend forever with me. I love her so much but it's hard to forget about this and move on. She has blocked him on everything and hasn't talked to him for about a month but the fact that this happened while we were dating really just sucks. If I could get some outside feedback on what I should do I would really appreciate it, sorry for the long post.

Forgot to add, it was never anything physical. Just flirting. They DO work together.


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  • She's playing you hun end it

  • It really sounds like she's playing you... you need to move on. You deserve better. Her behaviour is immature and unladylike.
    Also, you are both young, but - there is really no such thing as 'having a break' in a relationship... you are either with someone or you're not

    • I understand that but she seemed so sorry for doing it and it was the hardest I've ever seen her cry before. I just don't know if I can move on/forget about it and trust her again

    • @Asker I won't tell you what to do. I don't know her but beware of "crocodile tears"

    • I agree with @Trotters... I would be careful... don't just fall for tears

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