HELP!!! (please don't post anything homophobic) please help, anything is helpful. Please?

Some back ground; I'm bi, Helens bi, piers is straight with gay tendencies. Me and piers share inappropriate behavior, e. g. public groping
I used to had a crush on Helen last year and she found out, but she was going out with piers, then they broke up and I didn't know, now she's with Jim (possibly pan). I'm good friends with all three, and I don't want that to end. I now have a HUGE crush on helen, she's the person that I trust most on this earth, and I think she likes me too, but I'm not sure.

What should I do?
(I may or may not have used fake names)


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  • You should not do anything because she is with Jim now. You have to stay true to the bro code.

    • But what about when they break up?

    • Then you should ask him how he feels about the possibility of you getting together with her.

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  • I don't think you guys liking both sexes really matters in this scenario, you're all friends so there is going to be problems and someone is going to be hurt in some way but it does sound confusing

    • I know, its just hard to know what to do, she is an angel, I'm in an ethical dilema

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