Does my crush like me back? Yes or no?

I met this guy named Landis and he rides my new bus... and I'm not sure if he likes me I'm not good at figuring this stuff out. Here's what he does:
he called me awesome.
He chose to sit with me over one of his other lady friends named Kat and he's only known me for a few days he's known her for 2 years.
He talks to me a lot on the bus.
He gives me fist bumps all the time.
He sits with me all the time now, he kicks the girl that actually sits in my seat out he beats her to my seat and when she asks for her seat back he tells her no.
On the first day I rode the bus he asked if he follows me on Instagram, and I said yes. And he automatically knew my name. I didn't have to tell him what it was, I guess I looked fimilar.
He likes my pictures on Instagram.
He only says bye to me when he gets off the bus he doesn't say it to anyone else.
He makes sure I'm the last one off the bus he tells other people to go before me.
He calls me by my first name all the time.
He tells me to talk more. Bc I'm kind of shy.

Does it sound like he likes me? I don't think he does bc I'm not very hopeful but what do you think?

  • Yes he likes me
  • No he doesn't like me
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  • Yes, it sounds like he really likes you.


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  • It's hard to tell. The fist bumps are more of a guy thing but calling you awesome and only talking to you kind of indicates he likes you. Or maybe just finds you pretty if he's only known you a few days

    • yeah that's why I'm not sure although I'm trying to not get my hopes up. But he only gives me fist bumps. He doesn't give his friend Kat any.

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    • I met him when I started riding my new bus, and he started talking to me. And a lot of the time he will just sit by me and just turn his head and look at me and I will say "what?" And he doesn't say anything back he just keeps on looking at me.

    • I'd try doing something like brushing your arm against his and see if he reacts. That way if he has a negative reaction you can always just say sorry and play it off as an accident. Or if he makes a joke playfully hit his arm or nudge him. If he doesn't move, he probably is interested. It's hard to tell if he likes you or if he just thinks you'd make a good friend. I have a friend and he'd always laugh at stuff I said and smile at me and called me by my name... he even started hugging me. I thought he was flirting but it turned out he was gay and just trying to be a friend. Not saying this is the case with you but guys can be confusing sometimes so... if he asks for your number though that's another huge sign

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  • Yes I see likeness

  • He defiantly likes you.

  • He likes you, ask him out if you like him back.


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