How do I tell this Tinder guy that I do not want to hook up? Letting him down nicely as possible but not losing him as a friend?

This guy I matched with on Tinder is super cool. Laid back guy. He gave me his number. We've been texting everyday so far. He wanted to hangout with me one night but I wasn't ready to do so but I declined. We talked about some sexual stuff but he isn't in my face about it or suggesting I do stuff to him. Anyways, his tinder profile specifically stated he's looking for fun and to hookup. Nothing serious and he's just being honest. I put on my profile that I'm just looking for locals to go on food adventures. He's so cool that he added me on snapchat. How do I tell him I don't want to hook up? I also don't want to lose him because he's just fun to talk to. I'm asexual and a virgin. I don't believe I will ever have sex and I just dont want to disappoint him. If I ever do have sex, I don't want it to be a hookup and never hear from that person ever again. What can I say so that I won't waste his time? How can I lay down the boundaries? I feel bad but I don't even know if he's attracted to me like that. What if he just used an app on tinder and it automatically swiped for me? I was just kind enough to message him back.

  • You need to tell him you're asexual now.. lay it down and see what he says.
  • Tell him you're just looking for a food adventure buddy.
  • I don't think he's sexually attracted to you, just go with the flow
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  • Tell him that you're asexual so you know for certain if he will stick around or not.


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  • Just be honest. It might be awkward, but it's best to clear the air. Explain your situation and what you're looking for. If he has a problem with that, it gives him a chance to leave gracefully.