Am I being too jealous of my boyfriend and my best friend (I don't know what to think!!) ?

Me and my boyfriend started to date 4months ago after liking each other for a couple months in the same class. When I started to date him I introduced my best friend. My best friend and I both are beautiful in people's opinion but she is more beautiful than me in many ways and her behaviour is also more friendly, she laughs more and be friend easily. After all we have similar personalities. After a while me, my boyfriend and my best friend started to hang out together and they became friends. We have also gone to a different city and stayed there for a week (for a project whatever) with 10 friends or so. My boyfriend and my best friend got closer. They have inside jokes (I also understand but). Even once, three of us were in a room and I just left the room to take something from my room and when I came back I heard loud laughs from outside of the room. I was being a little annoyed with it but I didn't say anything because I thought that they were not going to that close when we turn back to school. But two days ago I wasn't able to stay to watch a concert of our school's students. Normally my boyfriend were hanging out in the concert with one of his boyfriends but when I was leaving the school I saw my best friend's phone a call from my boyfriend and they talked. I asked why he called and she said to ask whether she or our any other friends will be at the concert. I am too annoyed with this and I behaved angrily the following day, he didn't understand. I don't want to say what I think because it sounds too jealous. But I think that if he had a choice he would choose her instead of me. I know that my best friend wouldn't do such a thing. And my boyfriend loves me. But I feel like he is with me because he can't be with her. I got through a similar situation before. (I was liking my guy friend and I didn't tell it to anyone and he liked a girlfriend of mine.) I started to behave normally to my boyfriend but I can't do without thinking it. Am I not thinking logically?


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  • Ok, I think your concerns are legitimate, but you have yourself to blame. Some people seem to think when it comes to friends that it is, "the more, the merrier!" I think this is backfiring in your case. You are inadvertently advertising your friend and tempting your boyfriend all at the same because of how often you all hang out. I understand how fun and how great life is because of your friends, but I think you are also crossing the line with how much exposure your boyfriend should be getting with your best friend. If all three of you hang out all the time, it is only a matter of time before those interests start to develop. Basically don't subject yourself to that. Keep your boyfriend to yourself a bit more. Also, you need to get your friend a boyfriend of her own to prevent this conflict of interest from continuing.


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  • AWW! Too bad. You need another boyfriend.

  • This is exactly why I don't introduce my boyfriend to my friends. It opens up an uneccessary door way. It'll lead to trouble. Talk to him about it.

    • What should I say to him, I don't want to look like these unnecessarily jealous girls. I don't know ow to express myself about this situation.

    • I think you should tell him that him talking to your best friend is starting to make you feel uncomfortable. Then go to your best friend and tell her the same thing. Tell her you're not jealous but is she can lay off and respect you and your relationship for a while.