My sister's boyfriend tells her what to wear, should I interfere?

She is completely in love with this guy, he's alright, but he wants her to dress really conservatively when they go out. Like high necks, long sleeves, long pants, tall boots, covered up. Oh and a jacket when she is outside. Temperature doesn't matter. What should I do, if anything?


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  • If he starts becoming controlling towards her and shows signs of concern then yes by all means you would have to interfere but for now I thanks you should just have a quiet word with her on her own about your concerns


What Girls Said 1

  • No but u should tell her to stop begin stupid.

    • haha I'm not sure that is going to work, she seems like she is fine with it, it's just getting more weird as the weather gets warmer lol

    • if she's fine with it, why do you want to interfere?