How should I deal with this situation?

How should I deal with this situation?

I was in a relationship with a girl a year ago, and I pushed her away by being rude so I could study for the MCAT. Eventually she stopped texting me, and last semester she would see me and just dart in the opposite direction. She would also point me out to her friends! So I started talking to her in mid September and she would keep saying "apparently" while texting me. I asked her if I could get a second shot (go on a date gain) and she said nope. So this semester I talked to her once in class, and she was just not having it. She was cold and distant, and just gave off the "fuck off" vibes. So I left her alone. Next day she sat with me in class, but wouldn't talk to me. My female friend, who sat with me said that was weird.

Now this girl joins in when I comment on things. Some days she is extremely rude and distant to me, and other days she is extremely friendly and won't stop talking to me. She will also walk up from behind me and start asking what I got on an assignment. Sometimes when I see her in the hallway and she sees me, she seems to get nervous. She then pulls out her phone, and pretends to do something with it and then ignores me. But other times she waves. Today I saw her in the library and she pointed me out to her friends, who all then swung around and looked at me and laughed. I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable, so I left.

Finally, on Friday I asked her what was going on between us, and she said nothing. I told her I was sorry for how I treated her, and if I could take it back I would. She said it was okay, and I said "you say that, but you wouldn't have avoided me." She laughed and agreed so I asked if we could get together for coffee to get to know each other again, and she said "yeah!" But today when I asked her where I should meet her she texted me "I don't want any sort of relationship with you!" Why would she do this?


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  • It's a mind feck. You hurt her feeling and she is going to make you pay for it through the nose. Want a shot at her? Stop sucking up and act like its no big deal. Be friendly as a friend and nothing more. This will eat her all the way to her socks

    • But she said I don't want any sort of relationship with you! Doesn't that mean fuck off?

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    • but by me texting her and asking her again wouldn't that be semi harassment?

    • That's the thing don't text her at all. How can you play hard to get if your all but throwing your self at her. Just chill here and make her come to you. If she don't then let it go and move on

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