My youngers sisters boyfriend is my age?

My sister is a sophmore in highschool she is 15 and her boyfriend who i dont trust is a Senior in highschool and he 18 turning 19 soon. I get she likes him blah blah blah.. But i dont feel comfortable w her dating him because i could just feel and see it in his eyes he ain't no good. What should i do?


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  • Well, then you should go and tell her, but then you need to give reasons as to why you think he is no good for her.


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  • Get together with your sister and have a heart-to-heart talk; see what she likes him and see if it is lust (just likes his body, individual things like his eyes or smile, or sees him attractive) or it truly is in love. But as an older sibling, I definitely see where you're coming from and as a an older sister, I feel it's my job and duty to see the intentions of a girlfriend or boyfriend, so get together with the boyfriend; somehow get somewhere private, ask him questions that a father might ask or go with a slow approach by leading your way up to your sister, or have a heart-to-heart (see what his intentions are and what your sister means to him). But with that age gap, he may know how to play with her emotions and get her to bow at his feet though it also depends on his status at school; is he a jock, is a nerd, is a rule breaker, someone who acts stereotypical like from TV or the movies?
    But remember to keep that emotional bond with your sister; if she acts aggressive in a way and asks why you're getting into her personal life, be sure to assure her that you love her and want her to be safe since you won't be in the same school as her and be the brother that'll be able to see if the guys she dates are good or bad and protect her from emotional and/or physical pain that may come her way, just try to explain to her why and create an emotional bond if you don't have one already.

    And if the friendly talk with the boyfriend isn't being taken seriously by him, may as well put on the gloves and have a fist-to-boyfriend talk.

    JK, but anyways, it's sweet that you are caring about your sister like that. Get on a level with her and try to knock some sense in her that not everyone is what they seem. And for me if my little bro and sis are in 'love' then I'll tell them scenarios and ask them if their significant other would put themselves on the line to protect their love and such. One that changed my sis's perspective was 'If the both of you were in a dangerous problem where you had to sacrifice one life to allow the other to life', to me sacrificing yourself is an easy way out to get out of emotional pain and such while the one to live suffers the absence of their significant other.
    So would her boyfriend be willing to contribute and dedicate his time and life to share with your sister's. Is he the right person she should be with? Will he make her happy?
    You also have to remember that mind set would be different. He might worry about survival while she-

    • (Sorry about the gender confusion. I'm just a bit tired and didn't see!)
      Might be thinking about something normal for a teen so you have to ask her if she really is in love with or her boyfriend is just someone who caught her attention. Get her to your level and thinking, explain, and protect her.

      Good luck, best regards.
      And be the best Sis ever!

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  • Watch him and your sister like a hawk. Chaperone their dates if you must.