He says I can't give him what he wants?

He's 18, I'm 17. We made it official end of August and have had quite a few on and offs, but we always came back to each other. We recently agreed to give it one last try. We got into a disagreement a few days ago. He says I can't give him what he wants, but has never stated what that is. What can he mean by that, when he knows I'd do anything for him?


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  • If he said he's not sure what he wants then speculation would be an option but if says you can't give him what he wants then just ask him. If he refuses to answer then it's probably something to do with sex or he really just doesn't know.

    • he did says that he doesn't even know what he wants really and then he just said that, out of nowhere. We were going to be friends with benefits, but then I just couldn't. I told him by end tonight, he has the final decision on what happens here on out (no friends with benefits tho). 'cuz I've been waiting for a response

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    • Nope. I meant to just do whatever and act appropriately. If you leave him, reduce or cut off contact with him, if you stay, be ready for the possible stress.

    • well I broke things off for good. If he's ever serious, he can try and contact me. Until then, I'M SINGLE!!!

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  • If he says that then I would just break it off with him

    He could be talking about sex or something else

    But the fact that he said that shows that he is losing interest, wants something more.

    How can he not communicate this tho?

    • Exactly my confusion. He has never stated what he wants, but then says I can't give it to him. I'm pretty sure it's an excuse for something

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    • well I sort of just ended it all, so now I guess I just need to move on :/
      thanks for the advice though :)

    • @Asker, good for you. All the best. You will be okay...

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