Guys, What does a 29 year old military guy want?

I'm seeing a guy that I recently met. We've been going out for months and we've been on several dates. We've been intimate once... and had fun a few other times. Problem is I can't read him. We're from two different worlds. He's Chinese and I'm Black. He makes $34,000 a year and I make that in a week. He didn't go to college and I graduated from Wharton. I'm 4 years younger than him and have three dogs and he has a cat. I'm not sure if that matters but details tend to... He pays for our dates but he recently bought a house and I got him an expensive house warming gift for someone who he's only known for a couple months. How do you think he's going to take the gesture of the gift? Is he going to think I want to buy his affection? Does he want a relationship or does he just want company? When we first met he said he was looking for a relationship but I'm not sure if he still wants that with me. Doesn't matter to me what he's looking for, but I'd like to know sooner than later. I also don't want to ask.


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  • I think he likes you, the gift is fine, he may interpret it as affectionate depending on what you bought him, if he said he wanted a relationship with you in the beginning than he most likely does, and I am also curious with how you make $34,000 in a week... Do you perhaps own apple computers? I am curious now... I am your age and in medical school and I'm in so much debt :(

    • Thank you for your advice I very much appreciate it. That's awesome :) I didn't have the balls for medical school. I graduated from Wharton with a couple degrees. I'm a brand consultant, but for high fashion labels. Think House of Lies but the fashion industry.

      I also day trade as a hobby. Putting my finance degree to use. I think you'll do just fine. What year are you in? And what do you plan on specializing in? As an MD you have the opportunity to make big bucks... I know debt can be tough. My tutiution was $40g a year. Maybe you should take up trading. Although I don't imagine you'd have the time.

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    • and it doesn't scare me. This what I have wanted to do since I was a little boy!

    • That's great then. You aren't doing it for the money

  • You make $34,000 in a week?

    What do you do?

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