Should I give her a call?

We were on our first date Friday, had a great time. It was a successful date. Sent her a text yesterday just to be friendly. We've told each other we like one another. I'm thinking of sending her a text asking if she is free for a call, or if she wants a call (We know I'm the less experienced person here, I could get away with saying that). What do you think?


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  • Call her, I personally would think it would make me feel more important if you were to talk instead of text. If she's that important to you, talk to her through calling, hearing each other's voices would probably be more heart warning and you can get answers then and there. Plus there probably wouldn't be any mixed messages through text.

    • I had sent her a text before you responded without mentioning the phone thing. I need to stop worrying, she's always happy to hear from me, whatever the form of communication.

    • That's good! And now all I can say is to keep good levels, don't over do something, and by mixed messages through text is like how you say something (happens on the internet a lot) where someone interprets a message like if someone were to say I'm busy, then someone probably like me would think he or she is annoyed, tired, doesn't want to talk to me, etc. So be sure to clarify, be calm no matter what, and if she's happy to hear from you, there's nothing to worry about, just as long as you don't do anything that might upset her in any way.

      Good luck and best regards!

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  • I think you are better off just giving her a call. Texting it to her makes you seem very inexperienced and awkward

    • She'd think it was cute, but I definitely only want so much of that, thanks.

    • How do you think it is for timing? Saw her Friday, short text convo (like 2 texts each) Saturday, call sunday? I'm interested in avoiding smothering her, too.

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